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Application Process:  

The Make Your ImpACT three-part application strives to reach beyond the traditional application process in lieu of more active, human-centered idea formation. The initiative seeks not to reward past successes but to draw on the ideas and motivations behind them, challenging applicants to explore their identities and experiences and develop creative and meaningful solutions to problems in their communities. 

Phase 1:

Starting March 18th, interested applicants can complete an open-ended online questionnaire which asks for details about their identity, community, experiences, and ideas. We understand — and in fact expect — that applicants may not have perfect answers to all of the questions. In Phase One, we want to spark your curiosity and imagination, and will work with you in later phases to refine that into a formal proposal. The initial questionnaire will close for submissions on April 15th, and applicants can expect to hear from us regarding their advancement to Phase 2 by the end of April. 

Youth Club Meeting

Phase 2:

Applicants who advance to Phase Two will each participate in a one-on-one discussion with one of our Program Directors, who will build on their answers to the Phase One questionnaire with clarifying questions and constructive feedback. These interviews will take place during the end of April and beginning of May, with all interviews completed by May 8th. 

Working Together on Project

Phase 3:

Applicants who advance to Phase Three will each be paired with a mentor — a young adult member of our team with experience affecting change in their communities — during the week of May 9th. Working together, upi will draw on your work in Phases One and Two to build out your project's budget and prepare to present it to our Selection Committee. The budget projection will be due in early June, and presentations will take place shortly thereafter. Selected individuals will be notified of their award following the presentations.

Over the Summer and Fall, these individuals will turn their project ideas into a reality with guidance and funding from our team. We hope for the projects to be fully complete by the end of the calendar year. Finally, those who successfully implement their project will receive an additional $2,500 scholarship to aid them in pursuing further educational and service opportunities. 

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