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About Us 

Mission Statement:

"The Make Your ImpACT Initiative is an initiative of ImpACT on Stage, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to empower youth and young adults to foster inclusive communities through creative expression."


Our Vision:


The Make Your ImpACT Initiative works to entice and empower young people to enact change in their communities, providing resources and support for youth-driven projects that utilize art in service of social justice. With the help of our former ImpACTors, local artists and experts, and leadership team, we’ve developed an innovative approach that marries financial support with peer-to-peer mentorship. Recognizing the immense talents and creativity of our community, we hope to democratize this social justice work such that even more amazing youth can join the cause of repairing the world.

At Make Your ImpACT, we recognize that most traditional scholarship and mentorship programs reward past success and polish over vision and motivation. This system often results in a homogenous group of recipients and fails to consider existing disparities in applicants' access to technology, education, financial resources, and opportunity.

We strive to take a more active, human-centered approach in our program, rewarding not only past successes but also drawing on the ideas and motivations behind them, challenging applicants to explore their identities and experiences and develop creative and meaningful solutions to problems in their communities

To learn more about ImpACT on Stage's creation and previous work, check out Our History. To learn about the folks who make all this possible, Meet Our Team. Be sure to also read more about the Goals and Application Process for the Make Your ImpACT Initiative, and when you're ready, Apply!

We Envision a Future Where...

Students During Break

...we accept and celebrate all identities and communities. 

...everyone takes on an active role in furthering social justice. 

...all youth have the opportunity to exercise their creativity and achieve their educational goals. 


...we embrace kindness, empathy, and inclusion.  

Instead of being divided by our differences... 

Instead of leaving social justice work up to activists and community leaders...


Instead of being limited by their situation

or status...

Instead of hate and exclusion...

Want to Help Us Make an ImpACT? 


Make a tax-deductible donation to help us support San Diego's youth leaders in making positive social change! 

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